Cota was born and raised in Kyoto. He started playing guitar at the age of 12, then soon after got into blues and classic rock. After graduating from high school, he formed the rock band “Frying Dutchman”, which has been active playing festivals and concerts in various parts of Japan-mainly in the Kansai region.
From 2005-2008, the band toured around Netherlands, Israel, France, and Germany. And then in 2011, Frying Dutchman released the single “Human Error”. Since its release, the song has received over 1 million plays on YouTube. Following the success of their single, the band released their second studio album in 2012 titled “Chinpunkanpun” and have since swept away big rock festivals in Japan such as “Fuji Rock” and “Rising sun”.
In 2015, Cota decided to move to Berlin in search of new possibilities for his music. Since then, he has been actively involved in many bands and projects such as “COOKING YOUR LIFE“, “FELIDAE”, and “YY“-all while being active as a solo artist and a guitar teacher.

2005年にはオランダ、2008年にはイスラエル、フランス、オランダ、ドイツまで活動範囲を広げる。2011年に発表した「human error」がYouTubeで100万回以上再生され、2012年にはニューアルバム「ちんぷんかんぷん」を携え、Fuji Rockをはじめ日本国内の主要なロックフェスを総ナメにする。
2015年、自己の音楽の新たな可能性を求めベルリンに移住。以来。ソロとしての活動を中心にCOOKING YOUR LIFE, FELIDAE, YYその他多数のバンドやシアター・プロジェクトにギタリストとして参加する傍ら、テレビやラジオ出演、ギター講師など、盛んに活動を展開中。